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401(k) Plan Fees Prompt Class-Action Litigation | 5/5/2016

High fees and poor investment choices increase the risk of litigation against plan sponsors, but there is a silver-lining for plan participants.

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Commodities would benefit from a weakening dollar | 5/3/2016

Ed McIlveen discusses current investment trends, including the impact of a weakening U.S. dollar and global investment opportunities.

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Social Security Changes | 4/18/2016

Advisor Meredith Ehn reviews recent changes to Social Security claiming strategies.

Watch the video here.

Saving Strategies for Young Employees | 4/12/2016

Debt and living expenses often prevent young employees from saving for retirement.

Here are five strategies to boost their engagement.

Things You May Not Know About Your 401(k) Plan | 4/6/2016

401(k) plans are often the primary savings vehicle for retirement. Featured on CNBC, Mike Francis discusses how to make your plan work effectively for you.

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