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Fiduciary Focus Newsletter            A quarterly update for plan sponsors.
Winter 2014 | 2/19/2015

Fall 2014 | 10/24/2014

Summer 2014 | 7/5/2014

Spring 2014 | 4/5/2014


Industry Survey Echoes Participant Needs | 7/20/2015

Just 12% of Americans have developed a written financial plan, underscoring the need for financial education.

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Meet Our New Team Members | 7/1/2015

We are pleased to welcome new members to the Francis Investment Counsel team.

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Active vs. passive investing: Which is right for you? | 6/29/2015

A vigorous debate rages on about which asset management strategy is best. 

Click here to read more about factors to consider when reviewing which approach is right for you.

Still Wondering About Roth? | 6/24/2015

Featured in the Journal Sentinel online, advisor Meredith Ehn reviews the Roth option.

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Francis Investment Counsel Recognized as "Best in Class" | 6/12/2015

"By definition, the phrase "best in class" denotes the highest current performance level - one that may be used as a goal to be equaled or exceeded." - PLANSPONSOR Magazine

Check out the Moneyadvice@work E-Newsletter | 6/1/2015

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Clients May Need More than Retirement Help | 5/1/2015

Joseph Topp suggests that covering financial fundamentals in retirement education, such as budgeting, may be the first step to improving retirement savings.

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Don't let your emotions guide your investment decisions | 3/30/2015

Understanding your emotions may help you become a more successful investor.

Read on to find out how.

Fiduciary Focus - Winter 2014 | 2/27/2015
Why Investing in Emerging Markets Still Makes Sense | 1/21/2015

Featured in the Journal Sentinel, Ed McIlveen discusses opportunities to invest in emerging markets.

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5 Tips to Consider before Rolling Money out of your Workplace Retirement Plan | 1/13/2015

Featured in the Journal Sentinel online, Advisor Kelli Send reviews five things you should consider before taking a distribution.

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Take another look at international funds | 12/28/2014

Despite underperformance, now may be one of the most opportune times to invest internationally.

Click here to read why.

BenefitsLink.com Retirement Plans Newsletter Highlights Francis Blog Post | 12/19/2014

Francis Investment Counsel’s “How to Help Millennials Save For Retirement: Four Tips For Plan Sponsors” blog post was included in the BenefitsLink.com October Retirement Plans Newsletter. The blog post provides instruction on how employers can attract and support Millennials in their efforts to save for retirement.

Click here to read the full post.

Are The Fees for the Investment Options in Your Plan Reasonable and In Plain Sight? | 12/19/2014

It is the duty of plan sponsors and fiduciaries to ensure that a plan operates in the best interest of the participants. Plans are subject to ever increasing scrutiny, especially with respect to fees. It is important to be confident that your plan is not run to favor interested parties such as recordkeepers or investment managers. This is where an investment consultant with fiduciary responsibilities can assist in the significant task of fiduciary oversight.

Read here how a plan audit helped reduce investment management fees and set the plan up for long-term success, reducing potential fiduciary liability concerns in the process.

Is the PIMCO Dynasty Over? | 12/19/2014

Ed McIlveen, Francis Investment Counsel Director of Performance Analytics and Research, examines the PIMCO dynasty following the departure of Founder Bill Gross in September. Specifically, how will this change in leadership affect fund management?

Read Ed’s analysis of PIMCO for answers to these and other related questions.

'Paradigm shift' in 401(k) flows opens the DOL door for annuities in 401(k) plans and RIAs are split | 12/19/2014

The retirement industry recognizes there is a need for some type of income solution for plan participants at retirement. Michael Francis shares his opinion on this hot issue.

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1,400 Plan Participants Surveyed on Retirement Planning Concerns
News Release | 11/17/2014
Featured in The Business News, guest columnist Mike Francis discusses how to prepare for rising interest rates.

Read the full article here.
News Release | 11/5/2014

Listen to the webinar here.
To 401(k) or Not 401(k)? Not the Only Question RIAs Must Answer | 10/31/2014
MoneyLife Radio “Big Interviews” with Michael Francis | 10/31/2014

Nationally syndicated financial talk radio host Chuck Jaffe interviews Michael Francis about preparing retirement plans for a rising interest rate environment. Michael discusses Francis Investment Counsel’s varying strategies to prepare long- and short-term investors for rising rates.

Click here to listen to the full radio segment for more information on these strategies and analysis of the Feds future involvement with the market.

Fall 2014 | 10/24/2014

News Release | 9/30/2014


State of the Art Facility Expands Services to Retirement Plan Participants

Time to plan for possible increase in interest rates | 9/29/2014
The Fed recently began a subtle campaign that suggests interest rates will soon be rising. Your preparation for rising rates should depend upon how close you are to retirement.

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News Release | 9/23/2014


Participant Mike Tingo Won Free Gas for a Year in 401(k) Day Promotion

Plan Sponsors: Offer Participants Tax Diversification Through Roth 401k In-Plan Conversions | 7/23/2014

Guest Article
By Michael J. Francis, CIMA®, JD, President & Chief Investment Officer at Francis Investment Counsel.

Click here to read the full article on-line.

Small Cap Growth Funds  | 7/10/2014
Is a Roth 401(k) in your future? | 7/1/2014
The popularity of Roth 401(k) accounts is expected to grow, especially with recent legislation enabling retirement plan participants to convert their plan assets into a Roth account.