The Power of Financial Advice (Podcast)

Market volatility underscores a dramatically underserved need in the workplace: Employees need financial help. In this episode of the Fiduciary Advice @ Work podcast, we explore the powerful impact of financial advice and how employees and organizations as a whole benefit from sales-free advice relationships.


The Power of Financial Advice

In this episode, we welcome two members of Francis Investment Counsel’s MoneyAdvice@Work® Financial Wellness Services Team. With the backdrop of a world-wide pandemic and a roller-coaster of market volatility, we discuss the powerful impact of financial advice, including:

  • How we specifically define financial advice and why that definition matters
  • The barriers employees face to obtaining financial advice
  • The value – to both employees and employers – of financial advisory relationships in the workplace

“If you don’t have investments…sometimes you think, ‘I don’t need that service or that advisor.’ … So often what appears to be the right thing to do [financially] right now is the exact wrong thing to do. It’s very important to have someone come alongside, both the wealthy and – not yet – wealthy, and help them know what they need to do in this environment.”

– Tim Shirk, Money Advisor

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