Investor’s Outlook – Second Quarter 2021

The research team at Francis Investment Counsel is pleased to present the latest issue of the Investor’s Outlook. Authored by Ed McIlveen, this quarterly publication provides insights into investing trends, philosophies, and practices.

In this issue, you’ll read:

The Arrival of Modern Monetary Theory
A host of policies have been brought forward to stimulate growth and address growing inequality, including Modern Monetary Theory (MMT). Examine the tenets of MMT, look back at economic history to appraise comparable efforts, and consider the investor’s response amidst an inflationary environment spurred by growing deficit spending.

Research Review
A review of Philip Haslam and Russell Lamberti’s When Money Destroys Nations (2015). Discover lessons to be learned from the Zimbabwean government’s mismanagement and corruption, including the far-reaching impact of hyperinflation on Zimbabwe’s citizens.

Idea Generation for the Future
Technical analysis, studying charts and patterns, is an often overlooked component to an investment strategy. Learn more about this method and where it could be profitable.

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